Our Strategy

What We Do

We help underrepresented, low-income Black, Latino and Native American students of exceptional merit transfer from associate’s degree programs to top four-year colleges, while preparing them to succeed academically and assume leadership roles in their professions and communities.

How We Do It

Kaplan Scholars receive a comprehensive array of financial and academic support, transfer admissions advising and leadership skills development.

Academic Advising

  • Supplemental tutoring in Math and English
  • Develop verbal and written communication skills
  • Test preparation for undergraduate and graduate admissions

Financial Aid

  • Living stipends and Scholarships
  • Funds for books and materials, transportation, and application fees
  • Computer and software licenses

Transfer Admissions Support

  • College visits
  • Application and essay-writing support
  • Admissions guidance for graduate and professional programs

Leadership Development

  • Leadership skills development and coaching
  • Career counseling and job placement support
  • Cultural enrichment

Our Philosophy

We define potential, not by the challenges of one's background, but by each person's innate abilities and his/her drive to succeed. In fact, we are not only committed to assisting exceptional individuals to achieve their potential, but also dedicated to expanding their perceptions of their capabilities and what is attainable for them.