KLP Alumna Nolvia Delgado featured in NY Post Article about Community College Transfer Students.

December 2, 2015

Although Delgado, who was born in the Dominican Republic, was an honors student, “I didn’t understand the options available to me. I planned on [attending] community college, because that’s what everyone else did.”

During her sophomore year at Borough of Manhattan Community College, Delgado, now 26, was identified as a candidate for the Kaplan Educational Foundation’s Leadership Program (, which would prove to be life-changing.

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Foundation Opens up Opportunities for Community College Students

July 2, 2010

“If you’re an adult learner or you’re in community college, there’s not a lot of charitable support and yet those students tend to be tremendously needy,” says foundation chairwoman Melissa Mack.

Designed for underserved community college students in New York, the comprehensive, first-of-its-kind program provides the scholars with money to cover tuition and living expenses, personalized tutoring, mentorship, and workshops on networking, transferring to four-year schools and getting the most financial aid, among other topics.


Putting Student Award Winners on Fast Track

Spring 2009

Humor is the balm for a traumatic family history with which Santiago continues to grapple. “I’ve used comedy, jokes, my whole life to deal with everything else,” he says, adding that he would like to write for “Saturday Night Live” some day.

“It’s healing, it’s therapy, it’s fun,” he adds. “If I can use my story to make people laugh, feel connected and less alone, I’ll feel like I did my job as a writer.” For now, the Kaplan Foundation is helping him reach for a life beyond his past, to plans that include transferring next fall to a four-year college for his B.A.

“What’s important about this program,” he says, “is the support that they give me, that someone really cares about my education as much as I do.

“That’s what I’ve been dying for, pleading for from my family.” His Kaplan advisors, he said, are “like family when you need them to be.”

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