'I'm Not A College Admissions Risk. I'm An Opportunity.' -

November 15, 2018

Pell-eligible, low-income, high-need, first-generation, ESL, international, foreign-born, undocumented, non-traditional, working adult, head of household, refugee — if you’ve done any work in higher ed, you’ll be familiar with this sea of terminology meant to describe the socioeconomic statuses and needs of different kinds of students.

Usually, these terms are looked at from a point-of-view of risk. That is, these populations are discussed as having special needs that a college or university community must fulfill, or presenting challenges to institutions that must be managed. While different students do have different needs, the best way to describe them is from the vantage point of opportunity.


'Know Your Worth': Phi Theta Kappa's President And CEO On The Valur of Transfer Students -

October 17, 2018

Every third week of October, the world of higher education recognizes National Transfer Student Week, a celebration of transfer students and those who support them. Many transfer students start out at community colleges, and one of the most vital organizations for that population is Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the international honors society for two-year colleges and academic programs.

I spoke with Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner, president and CEO of PTK, to find out how they're helping students understand their full potential and get into the schools that can best help them to develop it.


Not Every Student Gets Into Their Dream School. What Should They Do Next? -

August 8, 2018

If someone you know is among the many, many students entering college this fall who aren't satisfied with their educational path to date, there’s still hope. For one, there's a strong possibility they'll thrive at their current school. But if they're convinced their path to success lies at another institution that can better meet their needs, there's a way to get there: intentional transfer.

Transferring between colleges is more common than you might think. While many freshmen go into college thinking they're locked in for the next four years, the fact is that 37% of college students transfer at least once. And colleges across the United States are actively looking for transfer students...


Thousands of Promising Students Aren't Getting Bachelor's Degrees. How Can Four-Year Schools Help? -

July 25, 2018

In the American higher education system, community colleges are often viewed as gateways to higher education for first-generation, low-income, and other non-traditional students. Unfortunately, the gateways we’ve envisioned aren’t leading to four-year pathways in reality, keeping some of our most talented students from reaching their full potential.

New research from the American Talent Initiative (ATI) shows that more than 50,000 high-achieving, low- and moderate-income community college students don’t transfer to four-year institutions — every year.


Project Doing Good: The Podcast

Nancy has over 18 years of expertise providing access, improving the college experience, and supporting leadership among low-income, underrepresented and non-traditional students. As a 2014 National Hispanic Executive Leadership Fellow, Nancy completed an Executive Leadership Program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. She just released a new book entitled “Your 2018 Guide To College Transfer” complete with 90 School Profiles. If you are a student looking to enter higher education, this will give you all the information you need.

International Women's Day 2018 - A Trending in Education Extra

March 7, 2018

On this extra edition of Trending In Education, we celebrate International Women's Day. We welcome four inspiring women to discuss their education, careers, and experiences. We're joined by Deborah Berebichez, Chief Data Scientist at Metis, Nancy Lee Sanchez, Executive Director for the Kaplan Educational Foundation, Esther Lee, Director of Program Development for Kaplan Test Prep's Digital Media team, and Rochelle Rothstein, Executive Vice President, Innovation & Product Strategy at Kaplan Test Prep to talk about women, education, mentorship, access, and more.

Yale Daily News: SOM holds Hispanic and Latin American Conference

March 5, 2018

Diplomats, community organizers, lawyers, faculty members and students convened at Evans Hall on Friday for the Yale School of Management’s inaugural Hispanic and Latin American Conference. The conference was organized by members of the Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students and explored the theme of “leading through uncertainty.” ...

Nancy Sanchez — executive director of the Kaplan Educational Foundation, who spoke at the conference — told the News she appreciated that the event provided a forum to discuss both the issues and the opportunities in the Latino community.


Sirius XM: "Next Nation with Sylvia Alston"

February 11, 2018

Airing on Feb. 11, this interview featured Nancy and Ayania Wellington, Cohort 6, and focused on Ayania's transfer to Syracuse and how KEF is creating a culture of transfer. "Next Nation" hosts conversations about lifestyle, legacy, and leadership with African-American leaders in business, technology, arts, and culture.


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W-ABC Here and Now with Sandra Bookman

February 4, 2018

In a Feb. 4 interview with host Sandra Bookman, Yolanda Watson, Cohort 8, joined Nancy Lee Sánchez to discuss her journey to Smith College, the work KEF does to make sure students like her can transfer to top schools, and KEF's new publication Your 2018 Guide to College Transfer. "Here and Now" is dedicated to covering the latest issues, trends and news stories impacting the black community.

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Sirius XM Wharton Business Radio: "Your Money"

January 30, 2018

This live interview broadcast on Jan. 30 featured Nancy in discussion with host Kent Smetters, professor at Wharton Business School. More information on this program, which shares practical advice on personal finances and education is available here.




Mythbusting College Transfer: An Interview with Nancy Lee Sánchez

January 15, 2018

In this episode, host Dave Goldberg is joined by special guest Nancy Lee Sánchez, Executive Director of the Kaplan Educational Foundation and the author of "Your 2018 Guide to College Transfer". There are many myths surrounding college transfer. A lot of students aren't sure transferring could work for them, if they are desirable to schools, or if they can afford the cost. But with a greater understanding, college transfer can change lives and unlock opportunities. Join Dave and Nancy as they further explore the work of the Kaplan Educational Foundation, delve into the impact that college transfer can have on students, and discuss some of the obstacles facing low income or under-represented students who are trying to reach their educational goals.

My Journey To Being Accepted As An Out Transgender Woman At Wellesley College - HuffPost featuring Cohort 10 Scholar Ninotska Love

September 12, 2017

 A turning point for me was being selected as a Kaplan Educational Foundation scholar, joining their program for high-achieving community college students from disadvantaged backgrounds seeking to transfer to competitive four-year institutions. This amazing opportunity changed my life, not only in terms of my education, but also on a personal level. They helped me become a leader. Before, I would not have been able to share my story. I was too afraid to be rejected for my gender identity. Now, I know better. If an institution rejects me for who I am, then I don’t want to be part of that institution.


Kaplan's Philanthropy Recognized by City & State Magazine

August 22, 2017

One of the most important trends in business today, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encompasses everything from philanthropy to environmentalism to the promotion of workplace diversity. The goal of this innovative series of awards and conference events is to promote CSR and encourage businesses to do well by doing good.

“The mission of City & State CSR is to promote Corporate Social Responsibility by shining a light on the companies that have put the values of CSR into practice. At its core, CSR is about thought leadership. It’s about New York businesses doing their part to help the communities they serve.” – Tom Allon, President of City & State NY.



Nancy Sanchez, KEF's executive director discusses the barriers to transfer - NACAC Journal of College Admission

Community colleges frequently get a bad rap as feeder schools that offer watered-down curricula… and students who are less knowledgeable, less prepared, and less capable of earning a bachelor’s degree.

But the facts say otherwise.

In 2014, approximately 7.3 million undergraduate students (42 percent) were enrolled in community colleges in the US, the latest statistic offered by the Community College Research Center. At some schools, like Cleveland State University (OH), more transfer students graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree than students who entered four-year institutions as freshmen.  Read more...


Kaplan Educational Foundation Honors Brown University for Its Commitment to Access and Inclusion

June 20, 2017

The Kaplan Educational Foundation (KEF), which helps disadvantaged minority community college students complete their associate’s degrees and transfer to top U.S. colleges and universities, will present its 2017 College Partner Award to Brown University.

Christina Paxson, the 19th president of Brown University, and Maitrayee Bhattacharyya, Brown’s Senior Associate Dean of the College for Diversity and Inclusion, will accept the award at the Foundation’s annual gala on June 21 in New York City.



KEF's Executive Director weighs in on bureaucratic obstacles for low-income college students.

September 16, 2016

Colleges also charge fees low-income students can’t afford, and that have little to do with their educations, said Nancy Lee Sanchez, executive director of the Kaplan Educational Foundation, who coaches black, Hispanic, and first-generation students.

Sanchez said she encourages these students to apply to as many schools as possible because colleges can vary in how generous they are with school aid.


KLP Scholar Britanny Arboleda featured in Daily News Article about heading to Stanford through BCC's ASAP Program

June 16, 2016

Arboleda is one of three BCC Broncos this year to receive a Kaplan Scholarship, which provides financial support and skills training to help community college students make the leap to a four-year school and a bachelor’s degree. “Before the Kaplan Scholarship, I would never have considered applying to all these top schools,” Arboleda says. “It opened my horizons and made me think ‘Hey, you can do it. It’s not a far off dream. It’s not for somebody else; it’s for you as well.’”


Creating a Culture of Transfer - bridging the gap for low-income community college students.

May 17, 2016

For most low-income students, the path to a college degree starts at the door of the local community college.
Dishearteningly, only 10 percent of these students successfully transfer to four-year colleges and earn
bachelor’s degrees. There is clearly an enormous amount of potential caught in the gap between community
colleges and four-year schools.
To bridge the gap that so many low-income community college students can’t cross on their own, educators
talk about creating a “culture of transfer.”


KLP Alumna Nolvia Delgado featured in NY Post Article about Community College Transfer Students.

December 2, 2015

Although Delgado, who was born in the Dominican Republic, was an honors student, “I didn’t understand the options available to me. I planned on [attending] community college, because that’s what everyone else did.”

During her sophomore year at Borough of Manhattan Community College, Delgado, now 26, was identified as a candidate for the Kaplan Educational Foundation’s Leadership Program (, which would prove to be life-changing.

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Foundation Opens up Opportunities for Community College Students

July 2, 2010

“If you’re an adult learner or you’re in community college, there’s not a lot of charitable support and yet those students tend to be tremendously needy,” says foundation chairwoman Melissa Mack.

Designed for underserved community college students in New York, the comprehensive, first-of-its-kind program provides the scholars with money to cover tuition and living expenses, personalized tutoring, mentorship, and workshops on networking, transferring to four-year schools and getting the most financial aid, among other topics.


Putting Student Award Winners on Fast Track

Spring 2009

Humor is the balm for a traumatic family history with which Santiago continues to grapple. “I’ve used comedy, jokes, my whole life to deal with everything else,” he says, adding that he would like to write for “Saturday Night Live” some day.

“It’s healing, it’s therapy, it’s fun,” he adds. “If I can use my story to make people laugh, feel connected and less alone, I’ll feel like I did my job as a writer.” For now, the Kaplan Foundation is helping him reach for a life beyond his past, to plans that include transferring next fall to a four-year college for his B.A.

“What’s important about this program,” he says, “is the support that they give me, that someone really cares about my education as much as I do.

“That’s what I’ve been dying for, pleading for from my family.” His Kaplan advisors, he said, are “like family when you need them to be.”

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