For Kaplan Employees

Kaplan & Graham Holdings Employees

Congratulations! You work for one of the top 10 most innovative educational companies according to Fast Company Magazine. It also happens to be one of the most caring companies in any sector. This is seen through Kaplan's commitment to encouraging its employees to support non-profit organizations with your gifts of dollars and time.


Through GHConnect, Kaplan allows you – its valued employee – to make a donation to the Kaplan Educational Foundation, and to request a match that TRIPLES the value and impact of your gift. Find out how by logging into our Kaplan HR Portal on GHConnect and and visiting the visiting the Matching Gifts page under Benefits.

Employees can also make their gift by payroll deduction. To set that up, fill out this form here.

For questions about this contact Kandace Henry at


Did you know that Kaplan allows its employees paid volunteer time each year? Why not volunteer with the Kaplan Educational Foundation? Our Scholars are waiting for you to share your knowledge, skills and time with them. Fill out the interest form today, here.

Contact Kandace Henry at to learn more about how you can volunteer to support our Scholars.