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The Kaplan Educational Foundation (KEF) seeks to eliminate barriers to higher education for overlooked and underserved students and develop them as world leaders and advocates for their communities by providing a comprehensive array of financial and academic support, transfer admissions, advising and leadership skills development.

"I plan to overcome my next challenge by breaking down the obstacles into small pieces as I keep in my mind what my end goal is. I will stay positive and not react based on my emotions. I will also reach out to my support team and make use of all the resources I have at my disposal."

- Aissata Diop
Cohort 15

"All the challenges I have had to ace throughout my time in the U.S. played a big role in my success story. When I wanted to give up, I remembered how KEF staff and others relied on me and believed in me; I stood up and found strength to move on.

To all the people who believed in me, who helped, me who encouraged me, you have inspired me to keep going and accomplish amazing things. I did not even plan to apply for transfer after my 2-year in my Community College, but KEF changed my mind and reinforced my conviction that I can do great things if I am courageous enough to take the risk.

Anything is possible for the ones who have the consistency to keep up the good work, no matter what! KEF is a family, another faily I am grateful to be part of."

- Sybel Francois
Cohort 15

"Leadership, to me, is being able to guide, and inspire others to be their best selves...To speak up when no one else will and to take a path that may be different than others."

- Angel Beebe
Cohort 15

"To the incoming scholars, the journey ahead of you will be difficult. You might even feel like giving up at some points...But don't forget that you will be surrounded by amazing mentors that will guide you along the way. You can always reach out to Kaplan scholars from previous cohorts. We will be more than happy to help you navigate the path that we've gone through."

- Marlon Arteaga
Cohort 15

"The Kaplan Educational Foundation changed my life. It broadened my perspective, taught me to dream big and equipped me with the leadership skills necessary to make this dream a reality. It is thanks to the Foundation that – as a first-generation native Spanish speaker – I’ve been able to be a voice for students and families across NYC, an advocate for refugees in London, and a bridge between the public, social, and private sectors. As a proud KLP alum, I’m excited to return home to the Foundation and lead the next generation of KLP scholars as they strive to achieve their big dreams."

- Nolvia Delgado
KEF Executive Director
Cohort 3