What is the first thing I should do if I am interested in applying?

The first thing to do would be to request and secure your letters of recommendation: academic and professional. Nomination form is optional but we strongly encourage you to secure one if possible.

How can I find out the status of my application?

If the online portion of your application has not been completed, email notifications will be sent out to you as the deadline nears. If supplemental materials (references, high school transcripts, or award letters) are outstanding, you will receive emails from the Kaplan Educational Foundation notifying you about which pieces are missing.

When will I know if I am selected for the Kaplan Leadership Program?

Offers of acceptance will be delivered after the group and individual interviews have taken place.

Can I still apply if I don't have a 3.5 GPA?

Yes, the minimum GPA to qualify for the Kaplan Leadership Program is 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. If your GPA is lower, there will be an option to provide an explanation on the application.

What if I have a GED instead of a high school diploma? Can I still apply?

Yes, students with a GED are more than welcome to apply for the program. We will need you to upload a copy of your GED diploma and scores to your application.

What does the application process entail?

The process begins with the submission of the application and all of the supporting documentation requested by the application deadline. A number of finalists will be selected for interviews (group & individual) after which a final cohort will be selected for the program.

What is a Student Aid Report (SAR)?

SAR is a summary of the information you provided on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Aid). SARs can be obtained by visiting www.fafsa.ed.gov

What is an award letter?

Award letters are a summary of all academic expenses and financial aid received for a given academic year. You can obtain an award letter from your school's financial office or by sitiing your student portal.

Where should I mail, fax, or email my documents?

Please use the application portal to respond to all questions and provide the required application materials by the application deadline.

Please make sure you follow the instructions for the document naming process, otherwise, we will not know who the documents belong to once they are uploaded.

How can I get help with my application?

1. If you are having difficulties with your application or just want assistance, please see your campus Champion.

2. Join during Application Support Office Hours, virtually via Zoom

3. Lastly, after you have attempted the previous two options above, you may email us at info@kaplanedfoundation.org.

How long is the program?

The multi-year program is designed to support students through their 2nd year of community college and two to four years at their four-year college.

The connections to the foundation and fellow Scholars will last a lifetime.

How much are the scholarships?

The financial support scholars receive varies according to many factors pertaining their individual situation.

Can part-time students apply?

No. You must be enrolled full-time in an accredited associate's degree program that we currently work with. 

Do I have to reapply to the program each year?

No. Once accepted (and assuming you continue to successfully meet all program requirements), you remain in the Kaplan Leadership Program until you have completed your bachelor's degree.

What are the requirements to remain in the program?

  • Work closely and cooperatively with fellow Scholars and the rest of the KEF team.
  • Participate actively in all program activities
  • Maintain your current level of academic excellence (good academic standing at your institution)
  • Maintain academic integrity
  • Display consistent personal growth as a leader
  • Be and remain receptive to the advice provided by the KEF team which is designed to help you grow and evolve.
  • Comply with programmatic requirements (grades, transcripts, mid-semester reports, etc.)

Who are acceptable references?

The best references can provide detailed insight into what makes you a good candidate for the Kaplan Leadership Program. Limit references to high school teachers or college professors who have taught you within the last two years, current or former employers, people who have observed your community involvement, or other people who have known you for more than six months.

The Kaplan Leadership Program requires each student to submit two references. One college professor who has taught you in the last two years and another one by someone who knows you in a work, internship or volunteer context.

Please do not submit more than 2 references.

What will I receive in each year of the program?

  • Assistance identifying, applying and selecting a bachelor's degree program upon acceptance
  • Personal, academic and career coaching
  • Financial support
  • Specialized tutoring as needed, including TOEFL exam preparation
  • Assistance identifying and applying for other scholarships
  • Ongoing training designed to help you succeed

Are Kaplan scholars restricted to applying to specific transfer schools, programs or majors?

No. We have established relationships at several institutions that are what we consider 'transfer friendly'. However, our goal is to help you get into and succeed in the best school and program for you. You can apply to private or public colleges and universities anywhere in the United States. Together we will work to help you get wherever your career dreams take you!

What is the level of financial need required to be eligible?

Currently, any student eligible to receive any amount of Federal financial aid is eligible for our program.

Is there an age requirement to be in the program?

No, students of all ages are eligible.

How many college credits do I need to have to be eligible for the program?

Students who have already earned at least 24 non-remedial college-level credits by the application deadline date are eligible to apply.  Typically, we work with students that have about a year left in their Associate's degree.

Am I eligible to apply if I am in a bachelor's program?

No, students currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program are not eligible for this program. This program is designed to assist students who are currently enrolled in associate's degree programs and planning to transfer into and complete a bachelor's degree.

Are students enrolled in any associate's degree in the United States eligible?

At this time we are only accepting applicants enrolled in associate's degree programs at the institutions we partner with, in the New York City and New Jersey, area. We hope to continue to expand the program to other areas in the future.

Any pointers for preparing for interviews?

Keep in mind that the best preparation is thinking through your past accomplishments and preparing to articulate them. Be prepared to talk about the qualities that allowed you to perform well in a given situation or a time when you put a certain skill to work. The best way to accomplish this is to use the three-step STAR process or 1. Situation or Task 2. Action 3. Result or Outcome.

For example, you might recount a time when communication within your work group had broken down (situation). To resolve the problem, you organized informal lunch meetings for people to discuss relevant issues (action). Morale then improved, as did the lines of communication (result). Using this three step STAR process is a powerful way for you to frame your experiences and accomplishments for the interviewer.