Program Benefits

Beyond Scholarships

The Kaplan Leadership Program removes many of your financial burdens, allowing you to complete your associate's degree and earn a bachelor's degree. The Kaplan Leadership Program shows you how to take control of your future, change your life, and achieve your academic and career goals. Program benefits include:

  • Academic Advising + Transfer Admissions Support
    1. Work one-on-one with an academic advisor to define your leadership path at your community college + beyond.
    2. Work one-on-one with a transfer admissions advisor in order to identify the right four-year program for you and remain competitive as a transfer admissions applicant.
    3. Work one-on-one with a writing coach to enhance your skills and work on your supplemental application materials
    4. Access to a robust network of KLP scholars and alums from over 35+ four-year institutions across the U.S.
  • Financial Support
    1. Scholar stipend (up to $500/month) while working on college transfer
    2. Fees associated with the college transfer application process.
    3. Cost of transfer applications (up to 10 schools) estimated value $1,000
        + Transcripts: high school & college
        + CSS Profile
        + Writing coach
        + Transfer coach
    4. Provide transportation home at the beginning of the academic year, winter break, and end of the year while enrolled at a four-year institution
  • Personal Development, Leadership Training + Mentoring
    1. Participate in leadership workshops given by industry leaders and other professionals.
    2. Get career counseling, job placement support, and admissions guidance for graduate and professional programs.
    3. Mentoring by KLP Alumni + Staff for a comprehensive network experience
  • Additional Benefits
    1. Improve your skills with individual tutoring in Math, English + the Sciences.
    2. College Visits (when institutions don't offer them)
    3. Laptop provided upon successful completion of the college transfer (when institutions don't offer them)
    4. Scholarships of up to $3,000 per year toward your Associate's Degree.
    5. Cultural enrichment to broaden your cultural experiences through events and visits focusing on the rich diversity of NYC